1. Achieved the establishment and existence of LUSU in March 2009 with a focus on Improving Human Welfare through Integrated Natural Resources Management Ideology.

2. Established LUSU Organization's Office in March 2009 along Kabale Katuna Road, in Mwanjari, Southern Division, Kabale Municipality, and an Office Branch at Itambira Island, Lake Bunyonyi, Kitumba Sub-County, in Kabale District that we still uphold to date.

3. Successful creation of dependable LUSU Organizational Structures between March and August 2009 for relevant Multi-Disciplinary LUSU Administration, Departments, and related Projects.

4. Carried out massive voluntary mobilization of Members between March and August 2009 and streamlined guidance for the infinity registration of new members to date.

5. Successfully accomplished the Drafting of the LUSU Constitution between June and August 2009 that was approved by all the founding members of LUSU Organisation.

6. Registered the LUSU Community Centered Organisation on 26th August 2009 as Community Based Organisation with Kabale District Local Government that gives us mandate to operate in all Ugandan Local Governments.

7. Managed the opening of a LUSU Organization's Account with Barclays Bank of Uganda Limited in September 2009 that is still active to date.

8. Succeeded in the establishment and maintenance of the LUSU Website since December 2009 to date that contains required details and guidance about LUSU Organisation.

9. Successfully planned and organised structures for the Launching Ceremony of LUSU between October and February 2010 that included planning, resourcing and mobilization of necessities for a successful function.

10. Officially launched LUSU Community Centered Organisation on 13th February 2010 with a walk demonstration of proper waste management (Keep Kabale Clean) in Kabale Municipality as members collected waste and raised massive awareness on the relevancies of having and living in a cleaner environment.

11. Successful administering and implementation of hands-on training based computer literacy programme to hundreds of unprivileged community Youth members especially school leavers and dropouts since March 2010 to date.

12. Established relationship with Local and International Organisations Since February 2010 to date SUCH AS Kabale University, Kabale Hospital, Bwama Primary School, Itambira Island Integrated Ministries International, Rotary Club International-Kabale, Eco-Safaris Uganda, AICO, among others.

13. Facilitated the establishment of the Children Rehabilitation and Care Center at Itambira Island between April 2009 to December 2012 in partnership with Itambira Island Integrated Ministries International.

14. Established and maintaining the Itambira Project since June 2010 to date that involves feeding vulnerable children around Lake Bunyonyi studying at Bwama Primary School both during school days and in their Vacation/Holidays; and targeting to equip the vulnerable community members with carpentry and tailoring projects.

15. Successfully constructed a sustaining Green Camp (Village) for LUSU Volunteers with five Accommodation Rooms, Kitchen, Restaurant, Toilet, Bathrooms, and the Canteen between June and October 2010.

16. Established and maintaining the Kabale Hospital Project since March 2011 to date while feeding the malnourished children in the Pediatric/Children’s Ward with milk and other supplements, and manning the Hospital Agricultural garden and feeding/diet demonstration for the parents of the malnourished children.

17. Participating in the Agroforestry and Forestry Projects for Lake Bunyonyi Area Management and Kabale University respectively since May 2010 to date.

18. Participating in Apiary (Bee-Keeping) Projects at Itambira Island, Lake Bunyonyi of which there are over 30 (thirty) beehives with bees since November 2010 to date.

19. Participating in vegetable and fruit farming at Itambira Island and surrounding villages of Kakoko and Bwama Island in Lake Bunyonyi since November 2010 to date as a way of sustaining our projects.

20. Installed the LUSU Audio Music Studio in May 2010 and established the LUSU Entertainment Music Project aiming at raising talent and awareness on various aspects of better livelihoods and minimizing the high rates of unemployment especially among the youth and organisation's project sustainability from May 2010 to-date.

21. Run a Free Community Eye Care Project in conjunction with Prince Kimbugwe Foundation from December 2011 to December 2013. The project captured areas surrounding Lake Bunyonyi and Kabale Municipality.

22. Organised and hosted a Global Youth Event in Kabale District that focuses on youth innovativeness and creativity for self sustainability as a way of eradicating youth unemployment in the world; organised by CHALLENGE: FUTURE-International and LET US SAVE UGANDA (LUSU) between 7th and 11th of May 2013 in Kabale, Uganda, East Africa.

23. Successfully organised and launched a Youth Empowerment Skills Programme that aims at empowering the youth with specialised skills and experiences based of high level innovation and creativity for self-accomplished independence since August 2014 to date.

24. Started a saloon project in October 2014 that aimed at training the school leavers, dropouts and dedicated uneducated youth with skills and experiences in hair cutting, hair dressing and cosmetics application with the aim of reducing unemployment of the youth.

25. Launched a Youth Savings and Credit Scheme (Destiny achievers investment) in January 2015 aiming at helping the youth acquire small loans to help them start up small and medium scale business enterprises for alleviating unemployment of able and motivated youth; and improving household income.

26. Started a small scale mushroom project in Kitumba, Mwanjari and Itambira Island in April and May 2015 as an income generating project for the day to day running of the youth and women initiatives of the Organisation.

27. Launched a Career Guidance Projects in March 2015 that is helping youth in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Institutions in shaping their visions and ambitions in making right choices and directions of fruitful future.

28. Launched their Own your projects in June 2015 that will see the youth both formally and informally engaged in specialised hands-on creative and innovative initiatives in becoming great and prosperous dependable business entrepreneurs that will transform Uganda into a middle income country by 2040.