1. Hardships with finishing the Itambira Island Children Rehabilitation and Care Center that has taken a long way towards its completion. The Center needs to be floored, plastered, and shuttering (with windows and doors). The Center is raised, roofed and the mentioned are still a challenge to be met.

2. Transport on the Lake is still a challenge to us especially for the vulnerable children studying at Bwama Island. There is need for an Engine Boat and more canoes for the Itambira-Lake Bunyonyi Projects. These can be supplemented by life jackets especially for the young children and adults of the project who are unable to swim.

3. There is need for more partnerships in the agro-forestry program for Lake Bunyonyi aimed at controlling soil erosion that silt the world's unique lake ecosystem and enhancing soil productivity a way to improving agricultural production around Lake Bunyonyi. We need a lot of tree and fruit seeds and seedlings for our projects for realised food security of household around Lake Bunyonyi.

4. There is still a challenge Road transport for coordination of the entire Organization's activities across the Kigezi Region. And therefore the Organization needs field motor-cycles and vehicles.

5. We still have a challenge of games, sports, and music and drama equipments for children who train at the Itambira Island during their holidays and the youth in various centers of operation in Kabale Municipality as a way of empowering their capacity to realizing a well-focused bright future.

6. There is still a challenge in maintaining the LUSU Office Premises such as rent, website, and internet fees, stationary and there are fewer computers to cater for the growing demands and access to computers for office work and general ICT literacy programs.

7. There is still a challenge in feeding the malnourished vulnerable children admitted at Kabale Regional Referral Hospital and Ndorwa Government Prison that need quick attention and partnership since their numbers are increasing day by day having known that there is hope at the hospital and Prison with our intervention. There is need for more funding for the projects.

8. There is another challenge of finance to purchase a number of beehives for Itambira Project, a source of revenue to support service delivery of our projects.

9. There is an urgent need of equipment for the Itambira Island and Kabale Municipality Center Vocational Studies (Music Dance and Drama, Liquid Soap Making, Hair Dressing, ICT, Carpentry and Tailoring, Etc) that can enhance entrepreneurship skills of the locals and reduce unemployment, dependence and stress on the natural environment.