LET US SAVE UGANDA (LUSU) Disaster Preparedness and Management is a key component of the humanitarian community's work in Uganda that LUSU is focusing on with a target to integrate it into all aspects of development. It is everybody's right to live peacefully and in harmony with nature and thus this calls everybody's responsibility to prepare the ground for a disaster free environment for the present and future generations.

As with our motto: "Sustain for the future."

LET US SAVE UGANDA (LUSU) is the key Instrument, Link and Agency for implementing disaster risk reduction, adopted by all citizens of Uganda in cooperation with the Local, National, Region and International Groups and Partners.

Our overarching goal is to build resilience of communities in Uganda to disasters, by achieving substantive reduction of disaster losses by 2025 and a free disaster nation by 2050 in lives, and in the social, economic, and environmental assets of communities in Uganda.

The following priority areas of LUSU Action for Disaster Preparedness and Management calls for the strengthening of disaster preparedness for effective response at all levels in Uganda

Being prepared in this look means that LUSU will be conducting risk assessments, before investing in development at all levels of communities which will enable people to become more resilient to natural hazards.

In fostering Disaster Preparedness in Uganda, LUSU is and will be involved in many types of activities, including:

  • The monitoring of potential disaster risk factors and vulnerable disaster environments;
  • The development and regular testing of contingency plans;
  • The fundraising for the establishment of emergency funds to support preparedness, response and recovery project activities;
  • The development of coordinated community based approaches for effective disaster management response at all administrative levels in communities; and
  • Continuous dialogue between response agencies, planners and policy-makers, and development organizations Locally, Nationally, Regionally and Internationally.
  • LUSU also focuses at conducting regular disaster preparedness exercises as a key to ensuring rapid and effective disaster response in communities for quick and consistent adoptability to a sustainable disaster preparedness and management strategy.
  • LUSU emphasizes the adaption of effective preparedness plans and organization at all levels to help cope up with a number of small and medium-sized disasters that repeatedly occur in so many communities in Uganda.

However, you should note that natural hazards cannot be prevented, but it is possible and it's our responsibility to reduce their impacts by reducing the vulnerability of people and their livelihoods in Uganda.

LUSU Disaster Preparedness and Management Department was created to provide theoretical and practical guidance on how Ugandans can meet and overcome the challenges of being prepared to respond to disasters as prescribed in the above Priority areas of Action.