LUSU Education and Awareness Program is intended to equip Ugandan Communities with any act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character or physical ability towards sustainable management of the environment and natural resources. LUSU will embrace the technical sense of education as the process by which communities in Uganda to accumulate knowledge, skills and values from one generation to another.

LUSU believes that Education is the key value of putting one's potentials to maximum use of the environment and natural resources. Therefore all individuals can safely say that a human being is not in the proper sense till he is educated.

LUSU abides by with two reasons for why education is necessary in Ugandan communities. The first is that the training of a human mind is not complete without education. Education makes humans right thinkers. Education therefore tells man how to think and how to make decision which LUSU believes must create a difference not only to Uganda but also the global community.

LUSU Department of Education and awareness is responsible for the education and raising awareness of communities in Uganda and will draw on many issues about the activities and programs of LET US SAVE UGANDA (LUSU).

LUSU's Education and Awareness Program is created to build a lasting process in which communities in Uganda can learn, understand and interpret something and implement strategies that can sustain the environment and natural resources for the present and future generations. Community Education and Awareness will be achieved through:

  • Instruction by facilitating of learning toward identified objectives, delivered by LUSU Education and Awareness Staff and Members of the Organization's programs activities.
  • Teaching the communities sustainable programs of LUSU as a way of boosting understanding on their actions towards the environment and natural resources.
  • Participatory Learning with a view toward preparing communities with specific knowledge, skills, or abilities on the environment and natural resources requirements that can be applied immediately upon completion.

LUSU Department of Education and Awareness together with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (with the project of Environmental Education) will often enhance LUSU's Educational and Awareness Activities effectiveness, success and learning outcomes by providing education that adheres to their own inherent perspectives, experiences and worldview. For non-indigenous Communities, Education and Awareness Programs using such methods will often have the effect of raising awareness of the individual traditions and collective experience of surrounding indigenous communities and peoples, thereby promoting greater respect for and appreciation of the cultural realities of these communities and peoples of Uganda.

LUSU Department of Education and Awareness is the central unit of the Organization, as its main responsibilities cut across all Departments and Projects thereof. This Department shall include all the means to raise awareness of Ugandan Communities about the Vision, Mission and Objectives of the Organization and also the dissemination of all the Organization's Programs and Activities. All ways including music, dance and drummer, writing poems, novels and other literature, sports among other activities to raise awareness and education of the Organization are a duty of this Department.