Sustain For The Future

Ways to Get Involved

International Volunteerism Program

Designed to bring you into the village and allow you to put your talents, skills and knowledge to use in the most effective way possible. Volunteering abroad is the most meaningful and inspiring way to travel. To spend a few weeks or even months of your life volunteering your time towards improving the lives of a Ugandan family or child brings great rewards. As a young organization, we are flexible and work to tailor your experience to be the best possible. You have the option of engaging into one or more of our current and future projects or designing your own project.

Adventure on the beautiful hills of Kigezi, Islands and waters of Lake Bunyonyi in South Western Uganda will give you the most relaxing feel of mind and soul to think further and reignite your vision. Within the LUSU catchment, swimming in Lake Bunyonyi while staying at one of our community resource centers at The Paradise Eco-Hub, Climbing the beautiful hills of Kigezi, among other many activities, will keep your heart racing with excitement and pleasure as you volunteer with us here at LUSU.

Volunteer Fees

Volunteer fees include accommodation with a local family or LUSU Resource Center, all meals, private pickup and drop off at the Entebbe Airport, transportation within all LUSU Projects, language lessons, full time volunteer coordinator, and the experience of a lifetime! 1 week - $850 per person 2 weeks - $1150 per person 4 weeks - $1550 per person Contact for information on volunteering for different lengths of time and for available volunteer dates.

Volunteer Itinerary

LUSU together with you suggest various recreational activities that will suit your interest in touring and adventuring. LUSU management shall suggest for you tourism destination centers and you will respond to what and where your interest shall lie within South-western Uganda and across the Country (Uganda) and her neighbors.

Volunteer Process

Take the first step and fill our questionnaire: Following review, LUSU's staff will contact you to learn more about you. All volunteers must be vetted and approved by LUSU Staff. If approved, LUSU will work with you to plan out your trip and project over a course of several meetings either in person or over the phone, answering any questions you may have along the way. All volunteers are required to sign the LUSU Volunteer Form and Waiver prior to departure. Half of volunteer fees must be paid at least one month prior to departure and the full amount must be paid in one week prior to departure.

Domestic Volunteer Program

This aims at providing opportunities that will facilitate LUSU to support vulnerable communities in the Kigezi Sub-Region in Southwestern Uganda in particular, Uganda and the East African Community in general. For more information, email:


By using your initiative to throw an event, get sponsored in a race, or host a party, you will be helping LUSU to facilitate her projects and programmes, employ more human resource to meet the needs of vulnerable communities and provide additional advantages for the less privileged to restore their hope and leave happily in their mother nature. Here are some ideas: Cocktail party Throw a party with donated goods and charge entrance Set yourself a physical challenge and find sponsors Send us your own ideas!

Matching Gifts

Does your company or organization have a matching gift program? If so, your donation could be instrumental towards helping the vulnerable communities in our catchment! That will restore hope and give opportunity to the less fortunate another chance and hope to live. Contact us for more information.

Introduce LUSU to an Organisation, Individual, a Foundation or Corporation

Do you have connections with corporations, governments, individuals, businesses, or organizations interested in exploring opportunities for corporate responsibility? If so, please contact: Simon Byamukama, at

In-Kind Donations

Donate your time, skills, or needed items for smooth growth, development and sustainability of LUSU Projects and activities (laptop computers, desktop computers, sewing machines and materials, saloon equipments, life jackets, agricultural equipments, music audio production equipments, field vehicles and motorcycles, first aid kits, cameras, projectors, etc.). Contact us at to help with the details!

Send Us Your Ideas

LUSU is a flexible Non-Profit Community Based Organisation open to new ideas and opinions. The programs we currently have operating are only the beginning and continuity of what we can eventually achieve for a better future of our vulnerable community members. If you feel that you have an idea or opinion for a project that can become self-sustainable, feel free to get in touch with us. We actually need your inspiration. Please, send your great ideas and opinions to