LUSU is aware of and concerned about the high level of unemployment in Uganda both for the unskilled, skilled, semi skilled personnel and professionals. LUSU also recognizes the existence of information gaps between potential employers and employees. In particular, many employees are not in position to access information on job openings available. The employers are seeking way to get employees in vain and the employees are on street and in their homes and cannot get access to information and way-bouts for the employers. The unemployed are therefore left with no alternative than put their survival and hope on the environment and natural resources degrading then to the point that exceeds their regeneration capacity adding to global environmental problems.

LUSU through partnership and networking with other organizations seeks to create and maintain an up to date database on information on potential employers and employees. This is thought to reduce pressure on the environment and natural resources. There are various and potential employers and jobs that can provide an alternative for the unemployed. This will benefit a number of people in Uganda and elsewhere whether national/international and this will again boost the performance and will then improve the performance and development of those areas they are operating from.