LUSU's Marketing and Promotions Department helps the Organisation to create awareness on our programs and activities, to keep the communities with up to date information on the Organization's progress and to satisfy all stakeholders with information about the Organisation.

This department is therefore involved in disseminating information about the Organisation and its a media through which LUSU creates its value of interest and builds strong community relationships in order to implement its activities. The Department is helps LUSU to determine what services may be of interest to communities and the strategy to use in approaching, communications and community development. It is an integrated department through which LUSU create value for communities and build strong community relationships in order to capture value from the Organisation's programs and activities.

This Department also identifies the community members, groups and individuals, keeps members on track of LUSU's progress and to satisfy all the stake holders with the information of the Organisation. This Department works hard towards achieving organizational goals depending on knowing the needs and wants of target groups and delivering the desired satisfactions. In order to satisfy the organizational objectives, it anticipates that the needs and wants of stakeholders are satisfied more effectively. This Department is further of a prime importance within the functional level of LUSU. Information from an organization's marketing department is used to guide the actions of other departments within the Organisation.