We members of LUSU are committed to promote sustainable management of the environmental resources and Social-Economic development through improving livelihoods of people in Uganda and beyond.

WHERE AS: Environment and Livelihood are the ultimate and overall development goal of policies currently being implemented by the Government of the Republic of Uganda.

AND CONSIDERING: that the basic causes of poverty in Uganda are among others related to unequal access and utilization of natural resources and the economic and social imbalances in the communities;

CONSCIOUS: of the increasing need of community's environmental, economic and social emancipation;

CONSCIOUS: of the existence in Uganda of a number of organizations, individual and associations desirous of promoting effective management of the said resources through community based national and regional strategies;

BEING AWARE: that Civil Society has a duty and indeed an obligation for playing a vital role in managing both the environment and its resources and improving the economic and social well being;

MINDFUL: of the fact that the decreasing Environmental, Economic and Social Balance in the society, a greater part of which members of the local communities, both scientists and laymen, stand at a good chance of improving the same;

MINDFUL: of the fact that it is desirable, that the organization be made known to the general public through the media, workshops, seminars, conferences, meetings and many other means;

DO HEREBY adopt and give to ourselves this constitution as a basis for the realization of our herein below declared objectives.

We founder members of LUSU are determined to do all that is necessary for the environmental, economic and social betterment of communities in Uganda.

DO HEREBY adopt and give to ourselves this constitution as a basis for the realization of our herein below declared objectives.


There shall be four categories of membership to the organization that you can subscribe to, namely:

1. Founder Members: Shall be those who have signed the founding instruments of LUSU.

2. Sustainable Members: Shall be individuals interested in Environment and Livelihood Issues that shall be admitted by the General Meeting upon payment of their yearly subscription as prescribed to their various categories {Platinum Members (200,000/=, Diamond Members (150,000/=), Gold Members (100,000/=), Silver Members (50,000/=) and Regular Members (20,000/=) yearly Subscription}.

3. Associate Members: Shall be any interested individual professional subscribing to the aims, objectives and functions of the organization may become a member of LUSU under this category after being admitted by General Meeting on recommendation of the Executive Committee.

4. Honorary Members: This category shall comprise of the serious and highly committed individuals, undertaking or institution as life members subscribing to the aims, objectives and functions the organization.


All members of the organization have the following rights and responsibilities:

1. Voting right provided that one member shall have only one vote in any meeting of the organization.

2. To participate in the election of leaders of the organization.

3. To contest for any leadership position in the organization.

4. To attend meetings of the organization as prescribed in this constitution.

5. To defend him/herself against any charges instituted against him or herein respect of omission or commission of any obligation or rights of members prescribed in this constitution.

6. To participate in the activities of the organization.

7. To be informed of the progress, assets and financial position of the organization under the regulations prescribed in this constitution.

8. To pay annual subscription fees, donations, grants and ex-gratia contribution as shall be determined by the organization from time to time.

9. To support and facilitate by deeds, the activities of the organization in order to enhance sustainable development and establishment of objects of the organization.

10. To abide by the constitution and regulations of the organization and to honor decision and establishment of objects of the organization.

11. To attend constitutional meetings of the organization whenever is so required.