LUSU undertakes research in all components with a view to generate timely, articulate and concise dependable information for decision makers. LUSU does and will continue promoting publications of all its research findings from all undertaken studies on its website, journals, through seminars and workshops, posters, radio and television talk shows, school visits and other appropriate media.

LUSU offers exceptional know-how, suited to the specific needs of its partners and clients. This know-how results in: studies, consultation services, transfer of know-how, capacity building and training, development of financing mechanisms, development and management of specialized funds, development and implementation of projects and programs, as well as monitoring and evaluation of projects and programs.

To achieve this, LUSU brings together professionals from multiple disciplines to equip public and private sectors in Uganda to achieve meaningful, visible and sustainable economic and social development. LUSU also is looking forward to launching a Publications Center at its main offices to help a number of researchers, scholars, academicians and development workers among others aiming at encouraging the communities and its members in Uganda and other cooperate partners to undertake and consider research and publications as prerequisite to sustainable development.