LUSU advocates for the rights of vulnerable group members of our society including needy children, orphans and the disabled. Most of these are unable to attend school due to lack of school fees and other scholastic materials. LUSU will therefore through this Department gather data of these groups of people so that they also realize the light of good living and have their rights with the rest of creation.

LUSU partners and networks with other CBOs, NGOs, Churches, Mosques, Government Institutions and other international charity and humanitarian groups that are concerned with the welfare of vulnerable and unprivileged groups will join hands and participate in decision making processes on issues that concern them, lead them to having hope and free life, live and grow to become fulfilled and responsible adults and citizens.

This Department is also responsible for lobbying funds for LUSU Staff and Member development that is essential for every individual, whether employed or not in LUSU. This initiative is very important for LUSU to increase the knowledge and skills of its members as termed as Human Resource Development. This is intended to enhance their quality of performance, to ensure an improvement on their personal and professional front. This is also very necessary for motivating members who are volunteering and have done it for many years without being paid for their services to increase their knowledge and skill, through certified and consistent education in their profession that puts them at a greater level of managing the Organization's and their community's based activities for sustainable development. This offer also boosts the individual's career, through travel, research, workshops and seminars and by working with professionals who are experienced. LUSU members will take up such courses to build their expertise in their service delivery, businesses, teaching, administration and contribute to organizational and community development.