Our Strategy


To become a leading community oriented agency for sustainable integrated development through wise use of human and natural resource capital for prosperity and future wellbeing of the people of Uganda and beyond.


To promote and initiate sustainable integrated development programmes through high level of research, education, creativity, technological innovations, information and resource sharing for the present and future generations in Uganda and beyond.


The overall aim for which "LUSU" is established is: to contribute in improving communities' livelihoods and managing the environment through sustainable utilization of natural resources and application of environmentally sound, economically viable and socially acceptable approaches and technologies.


LUSU intend to implement the following objectives:

1. Tackling rural poverty through promoting sustainable farming systems which are environmentally sound, economically viable and socially acceptable.

2. Fostering rational utilization of natural resources for sustainable development in healthy, cleaner and friendly environment in order to ensure food security, diversify sources of income and improved livelihoods of communities.

3. Empowering/awakening the communities to own and manage the environmental resources sustainably using their indigenous knowledge and incorporating science and technology where necessary.

4. Initiate, promote and coordinate community based strategies for livelihood improvement and sustainable utilization of resources so as to ensure sustainable use throughout. These strategies shall include but are not limited to the following;

a) Fisheries Management.

b) Financial Services and Management

c) Wetlands management.

d) Youth and Women Empowerment

e) Forestry management.

f) Land use management.

5. To promote environmentally sound investments.

6. Stimulate and promote community based income generating activities aimed at reducing income poverty, which are conscious of the environmental impact.

7. Encourage the communities in Uganda and especially in the Kabale and Kigezi Region to improve their health status and sanitary conditions and contribute to processes aimed at haltering the ongoing spread of HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other pandemic diseases.

8. Protect water sources and their environment.

9. Foster carrying out of studies and research on issues related to environment, economic and social matters.

10. Organize sports, music, dance and drama events, seminars, workshops, debates, public forums, trainings, documentation for the purposes of raising awareness, imparting skills and sharing of experiences intended to enable communities to participate and contribute effectively on Environmental Management, Social and Economic Activities.

11. Liaise with local, national and International organizations and agencies for the purpose of funding and shared responsibilty for community development.

12. Establish centers and learning institution for sustainable community livelihoods.

13. To conduct non-profit making consultancy services to ensure organization sustainability.

OUR MOTTO: "Sustain For The Future".